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Pain Management

Pain Management

Pain Management

Oral Surgery

Oral surgeons are trained to deal with all surgical needs, including extractions of teeth, removal of impacted wisdom teeth, placement of dental implants and removal of cysts, surgeries and jaw fractures and jaw alignment with the option of sedation and general anaesthesia for maximum comfort.

Root Canal Therapy (RCT)

Our team of experienced and skilled Endodontists are trained to provide comprehensive root canal treatment for patients with infected or damaged teeth. The treatment involves clearing the tooth decay and infection of the roots of the affected tooth. A crown has to be placed following the root canal treatment to protect the tooth from further damage.

Periodontal Treatment-Gum Surgery

Periodontal treatment includes deep cleaning, crown lengthening, periodontal pocket surgery, bone and soft tissue grafting and gum reduction surgery, which help in maintaining the health of gums and tissues. Most periodontal diseases can be prevented and treated by following proper brushing habits and techniques with regular flossing and mouth wash usage.

Chennai's No.1 Dental Clinic - Mylai Dental

Our holistic approach has been honed to adhere to ethical treatment planning and procedures carried out following strict infection control protocols and a calm ambience. Our treatment involves use of methods and materials adhering to international standards, augmented by the incorporation of the latest technologies in dental care. Every aspect of the work we do is designed to improve your dental health and put an everlasting smile on your face. .

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